Warren D C Hall and James R Phelps to Stephen F Austin, 11-01-1830

Summary: Inventory and appraisement of partnership of John and James Austin.

Report of Appraisers

The undersigned called upon by Col Stephen F. Aus[tin] and Capt. John Austin to estimate certain property be[long]ing to the said John Austin and the Estate of [the] late James B. Austin deceased have on this first [day] of November in the year 1830 proceeded as follo[ws]:

Thirteen head of horses mares and colts appraised at--------------------$475.00

Twelve cows and calves apprd. at—--------------------------------------------- 120.00

Eight Two year old horned cattle apprd----------------------------—-------- 56.00

Four yearlins apprd at-----------------------------—----------------— 20. 00

Two bulls apprd. at-----—----- 20.00

One yoke of oxen at---------------------------——------------------—----- 50.00

The stock of hogs, supprd. to be forty, apprd—------------------------ 80.00

House and out buildings at the Prairie appd----- 225.00

The gin house and cotton gin, as it stands, apprd. at----------------140.00

The cleared land and enclosure apprd. at-------------------------------------- 150. 00

Having closed said estimation we have herewith Signed in presence of Robert M. Williams [on] and Robert Martin the day and year first above writin.

Warren D. C. Hall James E. Phelps

In presence of R M Williamson Robt. Martin