Stephen F Austin to Elias R Wightman, 11-08-1830

Summary: Surveying Instructions.

Novr 8. 1830

Mr Weightman

The heirs of Richard Graves have petitioned for the 29 League on the side of Trespalacios Bayou, it is the next League above the one selected by Partin, and I wish the returns of all that Creek as soon as you can send them James Moore will pay the surveying J. H. Scott has selected a quarter on the west side of Trespalacios below where the new road to La Baca crosses—and John T. Brush a quarter from the forks of a branch that comes into Trespalacios a little below the road to join Scott and run up for quantity

The quarter League which Etherton paid for surveying has been chosen by McLairn who lives at R. Williams, and he must pay Et[h]erton who takes a quarter which Borden is to survey west of Colorado nearly opposite Kincheloes, and perhaps you can make the arrangement with Borden but if so McLarn must pay you

I am in want of the returns you have finished in fact all you have run

My respects to Mrs Weightman

S F Austin

What does Cummins say about the quarter for Maria Tell McFarland that his title is ready for the League he applied for East of Colorado, the one that king talked of taking—