Alexander Thomson to Stephen F Austin, 11-13-1830

Summary: Informs Austin of the attempt of Piedras to detain his own and four other families at Nacogdoches in obedience to orders from Terán concerning the law of April 6, 1830. Suggests action by Austin.

Tenoxtitlan—Novr 18th 1830

Respected sir,

I am unacquainted with you personally, yet situated as I am, I think it necessary, to address you, and apprise you of a considerable difficulity, that now exist in the settlement of your colony, and the others also; namely, the order from General Teran, to the Colo at Nacogdoches to suffer no person to pass, unless, they have a passport, I was not apprised of that order, and came here, I think on the 28 ultmo—, the Alcalde informed me when the families came into town I must collect them all together, and present them, I done so, then the Coll, sent for me, and inform'd me that he had the Saturday before recd- the above mentioned order and could not consistent with his order, let me pass, but as we were ignorant of the late Law, and as we had compleatly complyed with the Colonization Law, having our certificates Legally arra[n]ged, by the proper authorities, he would venture to give five of us a permit to you, who he said was authorised to give us passports; but the families must remain until our return, we had traveled better than 8 weeks, had spent a great deal of money, and was much fatigued, we could not feel willing to remain in that part of the country on expences so Long, we therefore came round, which caus'd us to loose 2 1/2 days travel, we are now at the barracks, at Mr Williams that is the families, We arrived there Last night, Today I came up to the new garrison to see the commander here he says that he has recd the same order, and advises us to remain where we are, until he receives further orders in answer to his letter that he had writen after Majr Robertson had inform'd him that I was on the road, which answer he expected would arrive in four days, mean-while he gave us permission to explore the country, which we intend to do immediately— Col. Thorn has sent you a letter by me on the subject. We, him and myself think it advisable for you to have an agent appointed in Nacogdoches, he says he is willing to act for you if you wish him, but he expected to start in a day or two for New Orleans and be absent two months, There ought to be some person there authorised immediately, for since I left there I have been informed of two more families that have been stoped, and detain'd,- I have been particular in giving the particulars of my detention, to you, in order, that, you may have a clear view of the impediment, emigrants will meet with in comeing to the colonies— So soon as I can, I expect to see you, but can not for a few days,— Majr Robertson has inform'd you that I am interested in the settlement of this colony

Alexander Thomson

[Addressed:] Colo S. F. Austin San Phillipi De Austin