Ayuntamiento of San Felipe to Stephen F Austin, 11-24-1830

Summary: Asking him to use militia to apprehend criminals who are inciting Indians.

Municipality of Austin

Information having been given to the Ayunto of this Municipality that the inhabitants of the Colony of the Empresario Green De Witt, belonging to this jurisdiction are suffering from the robberies of barbarous Indians, who are supposed to be assisted and directed by men of infamous character, prowling in the vicinity of that Colony and who are stealing horses etc to carry to some other place for sale. This Ayuntamto in the discharge of the duties and obligations confered on it by the Laws have that proper for the preservation of the property of the inhabitants and for the preservation of good order and tranquility to appoint Mr Francis W. Johnson as a Commissioner to proceed, with a number of militia men to the western frontier of this Colony, and to the Colony of the sd Dewitt for the purpose of investigating the true situation of those inhabitants and also to endeavor to apprehend and secure those disturbers of the tranquility and violaters of the Laws in order that they may be brot to exemplary punishment, for which reason the Ayunto calls on you as the Colonel Commandmant of the Militia of this Municipality to place at the disposition of the before mentioned Mr. Johnson a sufficient number of Militia Men, to secure the objects of the Ayuntamto and the apprehension of all such evil doers as may be found connected in the outrages Committed by the Indians.

God and Liberty

Town of Austin 24th Novr 1830

Tho. Barnett [Rubric]

Samuel M Williams Secy protem [Rubric]

Colonel Stephen F Austin

Commander of the Batallion of Militia of Austin