James W Breedlove to Stephen F Austin, 12-04-1830

Summary: Inclosing copy of a notice published by Mexican minister to United States concerning the law of April 6, 1830. Suggests explanation by Austin, which he will publish in United States press.

Mexican Consulate New Orleans Dece 4 1830.

Col Stephen F Austin

Dear Sir You have herewith a publication made by the Mexican Minister at Baltimore, which has gone forth in a great many papers printed in the United States, this publication has created a belief in the minds of many thousands that all North Americans are prohibited from going to Texas to Settle, and is calculated to do your Colony verry great injury, I feel verry certain that Col Tornel did not mean this prohibition to extend to any grants which stood on the same grounds yours does, and so I have Explained his meaning to all who have called on meβ€”

I am under the impression that it would be well for you to publish in the Texas Gazette under your Signature as Empresario a full explanation, send it to me and it shall go into the News papers of this Countryβ€” Unless the prohibitory Idea is explained it will prevent thousands from Emigrating this Winter and Spring that have intended doing so until they saw or heard of this publication

Jas W. Breedlove [Rubric]



Having received information that several offers have been made to citizens of the U. States to colonize the lands in the State of Coahuila and Texas, I consider it my duty to caution them by publishing the 11th Art. of the law of the 6th of April of 1830, which is as follows :-β€”

"Art. 11. In virtue of the authority which has been reserved by the General Congress to itself, by Art. 7th of the law of the 18th of August of 1824, all foreigners, whose country is bounding on said State and Territory of the Federation, shall be prohibited from settling within the said State or Territory, in consequence of which all the contracts that have not taken effect, and are opposd to this law, shall be suspended."

Wherefore, I declare, in the name of the Mexican Government, that whatever contract shall have been made in violation of the said law, will be null and void, it being understood that colonization in the State of Coahuila and Texas, and the territory of New Mexico, by citizens of the United States, has been prohibited.

Jose M Tornel