P W Grayson to Stephen F Austin, 12-10-1830

Summary: Application for land. Judicial system.

Bells Decr 10, [1830] Saturday

Dr Sir,

I received yours of 6th today— I am much pleased to learn from you that the subject I offered to your Consideration had been receiving it before— It argued me at least, not a lone dreamer—

I shall be much gratified some future day to talk it over with you at our Convenience.

You observe the " Main Spring " has brought me quite promptly to accept your influence for a League of Land, " Hombre Soltero " tho' I am—

I should in the event of the petitions succeding like to have it located on the Karankaway (the East branch) in case of forfeitures, which from what I understand are extremely probable as to some few—far more than enough of Course to let me in— There is time enough for that— Something certain may be effected by your Consent When something more Certain is Known as to the persons likely to fail,—

As to the Kind of Court, the people are wanting this ambulatory Kind of one—they are just seeking the means of their own Wicked Discord—to have them just at hand for every day use— The Miserable glory of having a suit in the big Court, as it would seem to hide many a scoundrels worthlessness,—how many would it entice to that Witching height of momentary greatness—the subject a shadow!

I had an especial eye to that evil in refering to them in my thoughts. A big Court as it were on every plantation

The Theatre for display before the local Magistrate would be a poor one and would I think tempt but a few comparatively to figure upon it, to show their dexterity in litigation and reap a wonderful Conspicuousness—

P W Grayson