John P Austin to Stephen F Austin, 12-18-1830

Summary: Speculations in Texas lands.

[Addressed:] D Esteban Austin S Anto de Bejar

New York December 18. 1830

My dear Cousin,

I wrote you yesterday by Mr. Treat, who was to leave this morning Via New Orleans, and now add a few lines by Mr Sayre a respectable Merchant of this City, to whom have taken the liberty of giving a letter of introduction who is also to leave this morning Should the weather permit, to join his Schooner Nelson at New Orleans, which Vessel sailed from here about Six weeks Since for Brazos, and intended as a regular trader between there and the above port. Mr. Sayre tells me he takes with him property to the amount of ten thousand dollars, and that he is at a loss whether to take an interest of 10 to 20,000 Acres of the Trustees of the Grants of Zavala, Vehlein and Burnet or wait until his arrival out and has an opportunity of seeing you, and very desirous to know if you would dispose of any of your lands and if so on what terms. Which information I regret not being able to give him. I however rather advised his seeing you before purchasing. There is so much interest excited of late in favour of the lands of Texas, with the View of Speculation that it is possible I might further your interest, were I aware of your plans or dispositions as regards your Colony, and should you think proper to give me that information or authority to act, you may rest assured it will give me pleasure to forward your Views as far as may be in my power. Or were I only to be made acquainted with your ideas on the Subject it would enable me to give Satisfactory answers to the many who call on me for information as regards your Colony. Mr. Treat is the bearer of a friendly letter from the Trustees appointed by the proprietors of the Grants of Zavala, Vehlein and Burnet, (as named in my letter by him) which was wrote at the Suggestion of a particular friend of mine who has great influence with them, having previously agreed with me that it would be to your interest as well as that of the Company that you should be immediately made acquainted with their plan of operations as it would prevent any unfriendly feeling that might arise from the reports that may be in Circulation and at alevents [all events] the information Could but prove acceptable to you, and which I was pleased to find was approved of by the Trustees the moment it was named to them, I am told the first Company obtains the land at from 1 to 2 cents an Acre and that they have sold at 1Oc which price Mr, Sayre would have to pay, and soon are to fix the price at 20$ the Acre. I have no doubt Mr. Sayre as well as Mr. Treat can give you much interesting information as to the plans of the above land Company which is represented to be the most extensive in the world, and would refer you to them for further particulars.

I hope yet to get your Coat in time to send either by Mr. Treat or Mr. Sayre. Col. Mexia who politely loaned his Coat to the Taylor as a pattern that there should be no mistake as to the Uniform, is so much pleased with the Making of yours as to order one made for himself. We have not a line from brother Henry since his arrival with you and Very anxious to know how he is likely to succeed there with his boat. In hopes of soon being favored with aline from him as well as from your good self

J. P. Austin

P. S.

December 20thMr. Treat as well as Mr. Sayre are detained by the weather but expect to get away this morning which gives me an opportunity to send your Coat by either, and as Mr. S. goes first to Bahia I give it in Charge of Mr. Treat who will forward it immediately should he not go direct himself as he probably will do— It is a splendid Coat and I can but think you will be pleased with it. the Cost of Making far exceeds the sum named to Mr. Perry so much so that the Tailor charges no more than what he actually pays his journeyman, the principal Cost is in the embroidery, which Cost $41—-The Cloth was secured from Mr. Perrys friends in Philadelphia—with whom Mr. P. wrote he had left $20— to pay for Making. The Money has not yet Come to hand but presume will