Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 12-19-1830

Summary: Instructions for journey to Texas. Must indenture his slaves. Needs Perry to take charge of his personal business.

Decr. 19 [18] 30

Dr Brother

I wrote you a day or so since and improve another opportunity— your goods by the Nelson arrived safe John Austin came up yesterday and had stored them all up in good order— Nothing will be opened untill Hunter arrives-— I shall have to use up some of the nails to finish the store house- I have all the Shingles and all the weather boarding on the ground the plank for the [mutilated] and the sheeting for the roof will [be ready in] a few days. The frame is up so that [the building will be] all ready by the time Hunter arrives he can get the goods up— I think a small assortment of goods would do at the Mouth of Trinity

I am very anxious for you to get here, I shall be as poor as I now am without you, as long as I live— I need some one to take care of my money matters, and I w[ant you] to take all the Stock I can collect and manage the whole of that business— I think that you had better build on the lots of mine above Williams on the Creek, or if you prefer town I have a whole square fronting on the South west side of Constitution Square—or you can get out lots and building lots from the Ayto do as you please in this matter and use my lots if you want them—- The League of land above town, is mine, there are fine situations on it for a stock farm it is nearly all prairie, only timber for fire wood. I have bought the Dickenson League on Clear Creek, for you if you want it—the title is in my name, but if I die before I get back you will get it in another way, my will— I have appointed you and Lessasier and Williams my executors—the first is a Lawyer and can be use full in [settlin]g the estate and Williams knows more about my affairs than any body else— you see I have made my arrangements as tho I expect to die, but I hope to see you all here next summer every man ought to make his will when in good health as all are liable to acc[iden]ts.

I have written to Col. Piedras at Nacogdoches that you will be on—you must call and see him and shew your passport from me and report your servants— Some have had the imprudence to tell him that they had Slaves— you must indenture them, do it before a magistrate, or clerk of a court or of [mutilated] witness let Hunter be out . . . and others who are ... so that .. . —the contract here I think of [will] have no difficulty but be particular to call on Col Piedras immediately on your arrival, get John Durst as interpreter or some other—Col Bean [if he] is there—or Sterne- the last person named is the best, tho any of them will do, they all understand Spanish—

I leave this day for Saltillo and do not expect to be back before June, and to that time I look forward with great anxiety as the period of meeting you all once more

The note you sent me on Sims is in the bottom of my red trunk in one of your letters— farewell may heaven bless you and Emily and the Children and give you a safe and pleasant journey here

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

If you come by Little Rock get Fathers writing desk I want it because it was his

S. F. A.

[Addressed:] Mr James Perry Potosi Missouri