Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 01-03-1831

Summary: Instructions concerning land. Political conditions.

[From Williams Papers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex]

Rio Grande 3 Jany. 1831

Dr Sir.

I have just arrived at this place, and as the mail is on the point of leaving I drop you a line. I am comfortably lodged with Dn Juan Francisco Lombaña whom I think a very gentlemanly man.

I shall detain here one day for the escort to get ready. The [re] appears to be nothing new that I have heard of—tho have made no inquiries. Padre Musquis has gone on.

[George] Nixon has expressed so much anxiety to be on good terms again that I have agreed to it and wrote you by him stating that he could [have] a League where it was entirely unappropriated— the best conquest that can be made over an enemy is to convert him into a friend. I told him that he could not get any forfeited League. On reflection as to the Lindsey League—I think it had better be held, for the present. After my arrival at Saltillo I think I can get your petition granted, and if so you are more entitled to that League than any one else, and you shall have my support to get it— but keep this to yourself. Send instructions to S. P. Brown how to regulate his chain to the Mexican Measure. He sent me word by Williamson that he had forgotten the difference between the Mexican and english measure.

If young Tumlinson applies for a place up on Navidad let him have one—he is the best of that family

Remember me to Sarah and Mrs. Sweet

S. M. Williams S. F. Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Al Señor Dn Samuel Williams, en San Felipe de Austin