Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 01-09-1831

Summary: Political news, instructions about locating land for Mexican officials.

Monclova Jany 9 1831

Dr Sir.

I arrived here yesterday sin novedad, and shall leave in the morning. Dn Victor Blanco recd me in his home with great friendship and attention—he has truly an amiable and interesting family. I wrote you by Madero that Dn Victor would appoint you his agent to select his land—by this mail he will send you a power of attorney to act as his agent, and also as the agent of many others. I most particularly request that you will try and make good selections for Dn Victor, lie wants the most of his land on the Trinity low down or on San Jacinto. This gentleman is a very warm and sincere friend and I hope you will spare no pains to get good selections for him

The accounts given to me here by Dn Victor, Tijerina and others, as to the general aspect of political affairs, amount in substance to this—-that the present administration have all the effective portion of the Army and all the Legislatures and Governors of all the States in their favor, and most of the Talents and wealth of the nation. They are of opinion that the present Govt, will sustain itself and that Guerrero must soon be put down entirely. Dn Victor and others here, think that this administration is not hostile to North American emigration to Texas, and that the present restrictions will be removed before this year concludes. They all say that my Colony stands very high with the Govt, both in Mexico and in Saltillo. The answer of our Ayto to that of Leona Vicario has given general satisfaction to all intelligent and reflecting men and has raised our character more than you have any idea of. The Senate has approved of Carrillo's credentials as Senator, unanimously , not one vote in favor of the Jalapising System proposed by the Saltilleros.

In Rio Grande and in this place (the only towns I have passed through) I have been treated with more attention and respect than I had any reason to expect. The opinion here is that Teran will not go to Mexico, he that he will proceed to Texas in a short time. The enemies to North American emigration are beginning to suspect that he is more friendly to them than they wish etc. etc. I give these ideas as I have recd them. You see that they differ very much from those intertained in Bexar. When I get to headquarters I shall be able to form some certain opinion on these subjects, in the meantime it is best to pursue a prudent and silent course as to all matters of politics.

The town at the crossing of the upper road on the Colorado is yet to name. I wish you would request Arciniega not to name it until he hears from me on the subject.

My colleague Padre Murquis passed here on the 8d of this month, I am told he intends to ask leave to resign, but Dn Victor thinks that it was under a belief that I would not come on.

Try and get the coast colony out of the way, before Arciniega gets there so that you may have nothing to interfere with the other business.

The mountains round this place are white with snow and ice and the weather very cold and wet—my health is good. The horses stand the journey very well—corn in this place is only 75 cents to a dollar the fanega I again recommend Dn Victor's land matter to you particularly—that is, his own claims the others are for his friends and are of secondary consideration in comparison with his, for they want the land for speculation—he wants it for his family, he has ten children, and a more promising family I have never seen, remember me to Mrs. Sweet and Sarah

S F Austin [Rubric]