Samuel M Williams to John Austin, Unknown [03-20-1831]

Summary: Acknowledging appointment as port officer at Brazoria.

[March 20? 1831]

[To John Austin?]

Comisarios Departmt of Austin— I have this day recd your official letter dated 15th inst informing me of your appointment as Port officer in the place of Mr Dunlap who at his own solicitation has been permitted to retire—- As an officer of the federation and charged with the executions of the maritime laws it is necessary, that, by all you should be respected in the official discharge of your duties, as well by citizens as by the local authorities, because you represent the laws of the land, any disrespect offered to you as an officer is directed against the laws and not against you as an individual. Consequently I hope that there will be found citizens enough within the limits of the jurisdiction, who not only respect their oaths of obedience and fidelity, but justly appreciate their own interest in the country and the benefits and favors they have recd from the govt to aid and assist you as an officer in the prompt discharge of your duties— I have—

[S. M. Williams]