Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 04-28-1831

Summary: The legislature has done no harm. Hopes of reform in visit to Teran,

[From Williams Papers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex.]

April 30/31

Dr Sir.

I have only time to say that the Session is closed (thank God) for this year—no harm has been done, which is saying a great deal for such a body as this has been. I think that some good will be effected next year.

The points you speak of as to locating low down on Colorado, and to Mexicans must remain untill I get home—do nothing with them at all.

The Trinity affair is at last beginning to make a proper impression on the mind of the Govr. and I am more pleased with him than I was—I think he will take [a] stand.

I go to Matamoros, and have strong hopes of a favourable result tho I have doubts. They will be all removed one way or the other in a month more.

The clock is striking 8 which is the hour of closing the mail so remember to all and farewell.

S F Austin

I leave next Sunday, that is tomorrow week for Matamoros in company wTith Chambers

[Addressed:] Al Sor Sam. M. Williams admor. de correos en la villa de Austin.