Henry Austin to Stephen F Austin, 08-26-1831

Summary: Insects and heat. Cotton mill

Brazoria 26 August /31

My dear Sir,

My health is so far restored that I am on my way to the mouth of the River for shells for my buildings and have hopes I have conquered the desease— I have been extremely anxious about you and [your] Sister's family, the fever is so prevalent that travelling in such intense heat as we have had is extremly hazardous, to persons unacclimated and even to you who are so hardy— John has brought on fever by riding in the sun but is nearly recovered— It positively will not do for either myself or Mr Perry to think of keeping our familys in this part of the country in the summer months, the insects alone would drive them mad. They have operated upon me at Bolivar like a perpetual blister. I wish much to accompany you to the upper country when you go. I beg you will advise me of your movements— at present I have five men under pay till the 10th proxo and as nothing is done unless I am present, I do not wish to leave until then, still should you go sooner I would endeavour to join you.

I had hopes you would have taken your Sisters family to Coles Settlement until the heats were over, would it not be best for them to go there now ?—

Should you come to Brazoria do me the favor to let me know when, if oppy offers for Bolivar

I have a letter from Ware altho he had no accounts from me he had contracted for Machinery with the intention of working it in Louisiana in case my report should be unfavorable for Texas, the advise of the failure of a house in Orleans whose paper he held for 10600$ payable 1 June here caused him to suspend the contract until he could ascertain the result of that and his other N Orleans papers this being part of the sum appropriated to Texas Speculations, his letter was obviously written at the moment of receiving the unpleasant news, as he seems to consider all his Orleans paper in Jeopardy— so much for lending Money at 12 prct—the receipt of my letters and ascertaining the actual extent of loss will probably put him in better spirits

My best regards to Emily and Compes to Mr Perry—I will indeavour to visit St Felepe by the middle of Septr at all events

H Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Col S F Austin St Felepe