John P Austin to Stephen F Austin, 10-10-1831

Summary: Acknowledging commission to obtain dress and mantila and dressed dolls. Purchasers of scrip of the Galveston Bay & Texas Land Co. are suing for lecovery of the money. Three schooners in port destined for Austin's colony; another leaving next week. Presents for Mexican ladies.

New York October 10. 1831

My dear Cousin ;

referring to my last report I have now the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your much esteemed favor of the 27th July pr Mr. Sayre. Contents duly noted and will receive my particular attention, and beg you will not hereafter hesitate commanding my services whenever can be found useful to you.—The things ordered will be sent by Mr. Sayre, or brother Henrys wife—whose family goes out in the Nelson, to sail on or before the 20th inst and trust will reach you in due time and prove satisfactory— I can but think you must have got the Uniform Coat I sent you—it went by such - good hands—Mr. Treats—although you do not name it, and should be pleased to know how it Suited. The Jacket will be made after the same measure, and pattern of one lent me by Mr. Treat— Mexican-Vice Consul—. I am to have the advice of a Mexican Lady as to the Dress and Mantillio, and my wife will take a pleasure in seeing to having than made as also to the dressing of the Dolls in the latest and best fashions—

I hope you may not be disappointed in the expected Visit from Genl. Teran—although a Gentleman who arrived here a Short time since from Matamoras, says he had given up the idea of going—As I should be much pleased to know his Views as to the Galveston Bay and Texas land Company, and Texas in general, and I can assure you any information you may give me on the subject, would be most acceptable to said Company

I have never doubted your friendly feelings towards the company, as I have ever expressed myself when Called upon, as far as might be consistent with your duty to yourself and Colony, which could but be benefited by Settlers anywhere in its neighborhood if properly conducted.—I understand several who have purchased Scrip of the Company have commenced suits for the recovery back of their money, after having been out and disappointed, in finding no land of the compy to locate on. Say the Company have no lands therefore a false sale. As each purchaser is supposed to have been made acquainted with the terms of purchase I do not see how they ere to recover, except it be by a point of law, for it was all a speculation between the parties— I am happy to learn of the continued friendly disposition of the Mexican Government towards your Colony, which I believe has ever been the Case, and that it is prospering equal to your expectation— Mr. Sayre is delighted with it and takes his wife out with him. He is beset on all sides with inquiries— Many men of respectability and Capital have been waiting to hear his report, before going out, which they will find most favourable. Mr, S, is considered a man of handsome property, Some estimate it at 20 to 30,000$—from what I have seen of him, I have been most pleased and look upon him as Very correct and worthy of Confidence and a great acquisition to your Colony—.

Henry was most unfortunate in being sick, at same time fortunate in being in such good hands.—He is now where I wished him to go, years ago, and hope he may succeed, this much I am confident, he will not want for a friend in You, and that you will aid him in his plans as far as may be practicable—He has a large familywife and six children—but remarkably well Governed, and I think will prove acceptable to the Colony—there are now three Vessels up for your Colony, and a pleasing Sight it is to me to see their Sign boards and to read them as I pass. Viz. Sch. Nelson, for Brazoria— Austin's Colony.—Sch. Boston Packet, for Matagorda—Austin's Colony.—Sch. Glide, for Anahuac Galveston Bay—Austin's Colony.—now quite a novelty here but will not probably be So long, for I expect the trade will ere long rapidly increase—there is also a Vessel building to Sail from here about the 15th next Month for Brazoria, I presume by the friends of Mr Williams, for the Conversation I had with his brother-in law Mr. Sam1 St. John, a short time since—Mr. St. John is a man of very hansome property and much of a Gentleman. He is to leave this in a Short time for Mobile and intends paying San Felipe a Visit in the Course of the Winter, at which time you will probably be at Satillo, as I am informed thro my Sister Mary Holly, that you are to be absent some time from your Colony, and will therefore miss seeing him.—This goes by the Sch. Boston Packet, direct for Matagorda. She is loaded with ready made Houses, Materials for d° Some Crates, Goods etc, and is intended as a regular trader between there and New Orleans— A Mr. George C. Hale—I am told goes out in her with a View of Establishing himself at Matagorda, and that he will proceed direct to San Felipe on arrival, too good an opportunity not to write— I also write Henry, from whom I am Very anxiously looking for later dates, as well as from your good self—I shall do myself this pleasure pr Nelson, to which I refer and remain

J. P. Austin [Rubric]

New York Oct. 21. 1831

My dear Cousin

refering to annexed duplicate I have now the pleasure to add a few lines by my brother Henrys wife, who with the rest of his family take passage in the Nelson to sail in the Morning—I have all of the things you ordered ready to send (except the Hat and that was finished, but a mistake in the Color, being black, which am so well Convinced would not suit, altho you name no Color, and an opportunity offering next week pr Sch. Elizabeth which thinking would be in time, I ordered an other made in place of it) and to my no little surprise and disappointment there is not room in the Nelson for them, or even for the passengers baggage—Mrs Austin being obliged to leave the most of her Trunks, furniture etc. I however do not regret the disappointment so much as the above Vessel follows so soon after and by which shall take good Care to forward them and trust will reach you in time—The Dress and Dolls occupy quite a large box, being necessary to be packed with great Care, not to injure them—I have Sent Henry for you . . . , extra size Manifold writer, with extra Copying and Coloring paper. The Jacket and Cord for pantaloons I shall send by Mrs. Austin, the other things must remain for the Elizabeth. You will please accept from me a Small box of Very Superior Shaving Soap, by Mrs. A—also from my wife a Dozen of Shirt Collars and a Stock, made by herself which, from having made some of same pattern for me, and found to fit better than any Collars I ever wore She thought might prove acceptable to You, particularly so when traveling as I think they will at all times—false Collars are very much worn here. It was my intention to have wrote you more fully by Mrs. A. but my time has been so much taken up for the last few days in preparing for her departure that I must close in haste and refer you to my next, which I do the more willingly as an opportunity offers so soon again— and run on—

Jno. P. Austin.

P. S. I would refer you to a file of papers Sent Henry.—I enclose a bill for the articles ordered—altho not able to send them pr Nelson . . . which you will notice has been paid by Mr. Sayre— I doubt not the cost far exceeds your expectations for I can assure you it does mine—but we cannot be aware in ordering them, particularly the fashions and dress, no price can be fixed—I think however can best please the Mexican Ladies—which as you say is all important- being so much admired here—the fashions are of the latest and most admired, and by one of the first mantua makers in the city in her best stile—I have letters from Henry as late as 19th September but not favored with any from you since the arrival of the Nelson but daily looking for that pleasure

Must close in haste

Yours truly