Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 11-15-1831

Summary: Navigation and custom duties. Conference with Terán. Forecasts.

Dr Brother,

I am getting better slowly but cannot yet go out—I can sit up and walk about the room and intend to ride out tomorrow

Genl Teran and Fisher have now arrived at Anahuac there is a report that only 1/4 duties are to be collected—I do not know the truth of this report— The Nelson was to sail on the 20 of October from New York— You ought not to let your goods stay any time not a day in Brazoria after they arrive, get them away as soon as you can— I shall go and see the Genl as soon as I can ride in the Dearborn which will be in 4 or 5 days I think— the prospects of matters are very good and I am in good sperits

I wish you to remember and remind Emily that I wanted you to settle at peach point— the reason I mention this is because Brazoria will in a very few years be a large town and land round it will be up to 20 or 40 Dolls an acre and then Emily may complain that I had sent you to Chocolate Bayou

farewell—after my return from Anahuac I will go and see you before I start for Saltillo

S F Austin

Novr 15. 1831

Angier I expect will remove to Anahuac, immediately, and perhaps you may buy Mrs Angiers Cattle and the mill

After you get that place under way and well stocked you might then remove to Brazoria or Peach Point

[Addressed:] Mr James F. Perry on Chocolate Bayou Mrs Angier