Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 12-27-1831

Summary: Advising settlement at Peach Point. Importance of cheerful spirits. Progress of Texas.

Brazoria [Dec] 27. 1831

Dr brother :

I recd yours from Bells and have sent all the letters by McKinney that I can find there is but oneJohn open'd one which is the invoice of the goods on board the Dart, he will want it to regulate the manifest— The Dart will be here tomorrow, also the Elizabeth and Wildcat— They all left the mouth this morning-—all well and harmoney. Hunter had best come down I think to attend to the goods, tho I do not know what arrangements he made

As to settling—I left the whole matter to you from the first—and did not urge you to any one place in particular I wished you to please yourself— I will now give a positive opinion, which is that you go direct and immediately to Peach point, or come to this place— The idea of a good house for this year must be abandoned, log cabbins must do—remove all your stock to peach point, make corn there in the cane brake—let the work at Chocolate go and begin down here at once—and from this time forward make up your mind finally and definitively on the subject—and also keep up your sperits—no low sperits will do in any one as nearly connected to me as you are—it is noticed by others and attributed to the wrong cause

Mrs Holly has gone. She and Henrys wife send their love to EmilyMrs. H. is a divine woman— she will be a neighbor at peach point, also Henry and Archibald. I mean to make a little world there of my own

Keep up, my Dr brother—keep up your spirits we will be happy when we are all collected at Peach point

Shall be up soon


I have now taken it on myself to direct where you ought to settle—think no more about it but go to peach point and fix some cabbins or a camp, and let building alone for this year— Three years ago Westall began where he is—he had 1 negro man 1 boy 3 women— this year he only makes 80 bales of cotton.