Stephen F Austin to Mary Austin Holley, 01-30-1832

Summary: Introducing José Maria Carbajal. Mexicans of Bexar uniformly friendly to Austin.

San Felipe de Austin, Jan: 30,1832

As you will be entertained by hearing all you can of our Texas I will give a short note to my friend Jose Carbajal who has promised to deliver it in person. He is a native Mexican, was born at Bexar where his Mother and family live. In 1823 he went to Lexington, K, with Mr Littlebury Hawkins, and was educated by Mr. Campbel of Bethany, Virginia, near Wheeling. He is a sprightly, intelligent youth, and his principles are very sound and honorable. His own countrymen call him a Norte Americano. The people of Bexar are pretty unanimously my friends, and the friends of all the Colonists of Texas. Carbajal is rather enthusiastic, the fault of youth, but you can get some information from him that may amuse you.

There is nothing new since you left of much importance except a report that Gen. Teran is to be on in March with 3000 men to fit out a campaign against the Comanche Indians. So says rumour, but I place little confidence in it, for that number of troops could not be collected so soon.

I leave for Saltillo in fifteen days. My health is so so.