Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 03-06-1832

Summary: Leaving instructions on departure for Saltillo.

March 6 1832

Dr brother

I send you Simon and wish you to keep him close at work until I return. He has been idle so long that he will require a tight rein— he is in the habit of gambling—-but he is a useful hand on a farm if he is kept close to his business. I wish you to send for the Mares and Colts of mine at John P. Coles they will be fat—sell them or keep them as you please, I do not know how many there is of them— I have given the deed for the place you are on to Emily there is a league and three quarters instead of a league and a half. I have left my will with S. M. Williams. You are one of the executors and H. Austin the other.

Don't neglect to have a good orchard under way and by next fall have a good sail boat for the bay to go oystering and fishing I can spend some time with you next fall and winter. I have left a bundle of notes with Hunter—try and get Cows as many as you can and young cattle—sell the horses for cattle—the more cows the better

S. F. Austin

Bells receipt and Sims note are in the bundle I gave to Emily. [Addressed:] James F. Perry