Stephen F Austin to Henry Austin, 05-08-1832

Summary: Has cordial letters from Mexican statesmen. Thinks bar to immigration from the United States may be repealed.

Saltillo May 8th 1832

Dear Sir—I sent your letter to Smith and Stillman from Canada, and by this last mail reed, their answer, and an order on the agent of the late firm of R. P. Staples and Co. for the acknowledged balance of $756.05. The agent left here for Mexico before I reed, their orders. I applied to some others who are employed in arranging the accounts of the concern, and they all tell me that nothing can be had, and recommended that the account be sent to some one in Mexico to represent it at the concurso of the creditors. I fear this money will be lost—so far as I understand, the affairs of the house are much more embarrased than was supposed. Mr Sharpe one of the agents of the concern here, for posting up the books (a Philadelphian) thinks that not over 20 pr. cent, will be divided- he says that your debt was lost by neglect for if it had been called for six months ago it would have been paid, as the creditors in Mexico had then agreed to suffer the house to go on—since then they have become alarmed, and every one is pressing—the result is a total stopage. I have written to Smith and Stillman on the subject and recommend them to send the account to Parrot, to do the best he can with it. I leave to-morrow for victoria and shall not return to Texas before October. Mason goes with me to see the General on business, and he has a fair prospect of effecting something tho to what extent is rather doubtful. The political state of things is still unsettled and it is doubtful what will be the result, and whether the ministers will be able to sustain themselves or not. It matters not much for Texas, provided peace and harmony can be preserved there which is all important now. I have very friendly letters from Don Lucas Alaman, Genl. Teran and the Vice President. The memorial of the Ayuntamiento of Austin has been passed to congress with the recommendation of the President, and the prospect is good of a repeal of the 11 article of the law of 6 April 1830 also of a modification of the duties. Remember me to Mrs A. and children. Yours truly

S. F. Austin

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