Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 05-23-1832

Summary: Instructing him to locate certain grants including the present city of Austin.

Victoria 23 May 1832

Dr Sir.

I wrote you yesterday by mail, since then Mr Greaves has concluded to go on direct to Texas, and not follow Mason and self in the vuelta by Tampico through heat and war. you will find him a very usefull man, much more so than any I have ever seen in Texas for an office where Spanish and english is needed. You must make good use of the time between this and Jany to bring up all the back writing of the office.

I sent you from Saltillo by mail, all the necessary papers to finish the titles for the lands granted to the Aguirres and Vega with directions as to locating it—on reflection I think I shall return home from Matamoros—that is if I am not detained too long in getting there, and in that event I will attend to their location myself—but I wish you to employ a person of confidence to explore the land up the San Jacinto, west side, and see if one of the grants can not be located there entire to advantage, have this done without delay so that I may know when I get there whether to take it or not. I wish the location on Onion Creek west side of Colorado, and on the east side at the foot of the mountains, also the cedar league N° 4 above Bastrop—. Enfin this land will cost me very dear and unless it is well located I shall loose on it.

You will see by the new colonization law that all sales heretofore made must be located within 18 months—this will cause a great push, and unless some care is taken all the land in our colony will be occupied by them—keep this in view—also remember that I have very advantageous offers to settle that colony which I shall decide upon after seeing the General.

Above all things keep peace and harmony in the Colony. We have all sorts of reports here about Texas, and it is said that three soldiers were killed at Anahuac by the crew of a vessell. I hope this is not so—do keep peace in that quarter—urge this on the Ayto and on every one

Remember me to Sarah and all others.

S. F. Austin