Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 07-02-1832

Summary: Instructions for extricating Texas from difficulties.

[From Williams Papers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex.]

[Matamoros] July 2 1832

Dr Sir,

Since writing things have changed—Exert by which I wrote to Ugartechea and to Musquis, John, the alcalde and you went ashore yesterday and it is said will be lost—this will detain my letters. I send by Grey a duplicate to Ugartechea—keep a copy of it and my other letter to him of this date. I have sent a copy to Musquis of the letter of 29 and I wish you to send him a copy of my other of this date—also shew them to John, but do not have them made public—tho use them as the public good may require.

1. Let the basis of all that is done be to sustain the constitution and authority of the State of Coahuila y Texas.

2. To adhere firmly to Mexico and the Mexican confederation, and to preserve entire the integrity of the Mexican Territory

3. To approve of the principles of the democratic constitutional federal party, of which Genl. Santana is the active leader.

The two first are the most important and must be the basis of all that is said or done.

Moctesuma left Tampico on the 23 for Victoria with 1500 men. Teran was in that place on the 27, so he cannot come here. Mexia has done himself great credit as a man and a soldier-—all is peace and harmony. The Grampus U. S. Schooner is here—the Cap. Tatnall and the consul of Tampico Robertson are now in this place. I think one result of the commissioners appointed by Santana and the Govt, will be a treaty of peace. Get Greaves to translate my letters to Ugartechea, so that John and the Ayuntamto can understand them, or get Chambers to do it—let him see them.

It would be best to leave out the 3d point I mention on the other side, unless the state of things requires it and Ugartechea takes that side—should the chief be there try and animate him to sustain the dignity of the State against military attacks—have all things suspended and try and keep the public mind quiet. I think I shall go to see Teran again and from there to Saltillo—my object is to get such orders as will put all matters in Texas at rest and if the Chief will prepare the mind of the Governor properly by a statement of the facts, so as to show that the people have in fact done no more than to sustain the outraged dignity and authority of the State, I shall be able to do something. But if he throws all the blame on the people it will be a very bad business all round.

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

Seal Ugartechea's letter after you have taken the copies and send it as quick as possible.