Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 09-27-1832

Summary: Closing his business with the Hawkins estate. Advice about location of a farm.

Brasoria Sept. 27. [1832]

Dr Brother

I am dividing the land with Hawkins estate, and shall go to San felipe tomorrow in about ten days I shall return and run the dividing lines— I have left a letter for you with James Westall as to the place where you must improve so as not to interfere with the part that Hawkins gets.

I am fast getting through my business and before spring I Will take leave of public matters for the balance of my life— I intend to live principally with you, or near you and go to farming. Love to Emily and Lavinia

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

What does Col Morris ask for his improvements

The land on oyster Creek below Mitchels falls to me in the division, inquire of Hodge what kind of land it is. I am told that the cane comes to the Prairie just below Mitchels line—that would be a good place for a farm, and not over 12 miles from Pleasant Bayou to go straight, but there would be three Creeks to bridge—it would be unhealthy perhaps on oyster creek merely inquire of Hodge generally as to the land—how wide the cane is and how the land is for 4 or 5 Miles down the creek below Mitchels, without telling him whose it is etc also ask him how the land is between oyster creek and Baylies prairie and out side the cane

S. F. A.

What do you think Col Morris improvement is worth—

[Addressed:] Mr. James F. Perry Pleasant Bayou