Stephen F Austin to Public, 10-09-1832

Summary: Notice that the land commissioner is coming from Bexar to give titles to land.

public notice,

Is hereby given, That Mr. Miguel Arciniega has started from Bexar, and is expected at this place, in two or three days, to make a final close of all the Land Business in the Colonies, for which he is Commissioner.

The Coast Colony will also be closed shortly.

All persons who are included in any of my Colonies, whose land business is not completed, are therefore requested to come forward, in person, and take out their titles.

Those who do not apply by the 15th December next, will be considered as having forfeited their right of reception, as it is the intention to close the business by that time.

S. F. Austin.

San Felipe de Austin, 9th October, 1832.