Stephen F Austin to Ramon Musquiz, 11-30-1832

Summary: Suggests that the ayuntamiento of Bexar draw up memorial asking for reforms.

Goliad November 30th 1832

Most Esteemed Friend.

I left Austin on a visit to your City, arrived here yesterday and continue on my way tomorrow. The Ayuntamiento of Austin held no meeting owing to the sickness of its members, since the Alcalde received the communication about the convention and committees: for this reason they have not answered it, I believe that their answer may be delayed somewhat: In the mean time, I see no difficulty in placing the affairs on a footing, that would secure union and harmony throughout Texas. It seems that there is at Bexar a uniform agreement on the substance of the representation, only some disagreement on the manner of representing. If it is so, it will be easy to settle the difficulty: let Bexar take the lead in the matter. In short, the main object of my visit is. to see if there is any means to avoid a dissentment with Bexar, and the balance of Texas. This journey is rather troublesome to me, owing as well to the bad condition of the roads, as to the danger of Indians, and the loss of time from my private business, but we wish to see harmony prevail in Texas, as it exists already in substance. The forms are of little importance, and ought not to breed discord, though I believe it will not be difficult to satisfy all parties, and to obtain a unity of action. I shall be with you, a few hours after these lines reach you.

S. F. Austin.

Ramon Musquiz.