Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 01-20-1833

Summary: Anxious to sell land to pay pressing debts. Intends to "wash hands of politics."

Jany 20. 1833

Dr Brother

I am anxious to hear how Emily is satisfied at your new home and how you are getting on. I do hope you are all satisfied.

I am trying to worry through [a very] troublesome business, and if I could sell some land so as to raise about $2000 I could get along untill next fall. I owe a balance yet to Hunter on acct of what was paid to Tennille out of the store which he says he must have next month as he is going away. The balance due is $1600. I will sell any land I have to get rid of that and some other debts that are harrassing me. I mean to wash my hands of the politics of Texas and try to settle myself along side of you. I will send down your deed for the place where you live. I have extended the tract to the river so as to give you a front of 2000 varas on the river— farewell.

S. F. Austin

[Addressed:] Mr. James F. Perry Peach point below Brazoria.