Stephen F Austin to Ayuntamineto of Nacogdoches, 05-30-1833

Summary: Conditions in Mexico tranquil and attitude toward Texas considerate. Custom-houses to be reestablished to stop contraband tobacco trade, Austin has assured authorities that people will support the Government.

Matamoras 30th May 1833

The public was very much agitated in this place by false reports and rumors from Texas—but they have been removed by the statement of facts which I have laid before his Excellency the Commandant General Don Vicente Fillisola who assures me of the paternal intentions of the Govt towards the People of Texas. There never has been any cause for doubt that such are its intentions—all the vague rumours that have been circulated as to the marching of a large Army to Tejas with hostile views are utterly false. The Genl has ordered the reestablishment of the Custom Houses and the military Garrisons, and will do so for the purpose of protecting the public Revenue and stopping the scandalous contraband that has been carried on in Tobacco from the Ports of Tejas. I have assured him that he will receive the support of the Colonist in sustaining the Revenue laws and that they would do their duty faithfully as Mexican Citizens.

I have pledged my honor for the Truth of this declaration and have full confidence that the People of Texas will not forfeit the pledge I have made but will by their acts prove its correctness and that the revenue laws can be enforced without the aid of large military Garrisons.

Mr. George Fisher will leave here shortly to enter upon his duties of Collector of Galveston Bay with only sufficient number of Troops for necessary Guards etc.

Whatever Ideas and opinions may have heretofore existed as to Mr Fisher they should now be consigned to oblivion and forgotten. He returns as an officer of the Govt and as such it is the duty of the People to respect and sustain him. I will also observe that I have investigated very minutely all the past transactions in which he was concerned and have formed the opinion that the excitements which unfortunately grew out of them were produced by misconception and suspicion too hastily entertained and not from intention to do wrong or injure any one. I believe there were misconceptions on both sides and probably as much on one part as on the other—Mr. Fisher will make a usefull collector his knowledge of the English language will give more facilities in his intercourse with the people than could exist with a collector who was unacquainted with that language. I therefore particularly recommend the utmost harmony and that he be sustained in the discharge of his duties by all, regardless of the clamour of a few Transient Traders who would involve the honest farmers in difficulty with the authorities if they could increase their own profits thereby.

The political events of the past year necessarily produced a temporary and partial disorganization in the regular administration of the Govt all over the nation which as a matter of course extended to Texas everything is now settled down again upon the constitutional basis and the regular operation of the laws and of all the legal authorities has been restored. The temporary and provisional measures which the peculiar exigencies of the times may have rendered necessary to pursue the public tranquility and protect persons and property are consequently ceased all over the nation and I have assured the Comt. General that they will also cease as a matter of course in Tejas. I therefore particularly recommend that what ever temporary deviation of the Militia or in any other matter should be corrected without delay and everything restored again to the legal basis as has been done all over the nation. The Genl Congress adjourned on the 20th of this month and as there will not be another regular session untill January next—my Journey to Mexico was rendered measurably useless. I have also been very much debilitated by Dysentary or Cholorina which prevails here. These considerations determined me to postpone my trip to the Capital for the present and I forwarded the memorial of the convention through the Comt General. Since then my health has improved and an opportunity haveing very unexpectedly offered of a passage to Vera Cruz by sea I have concluded to embrace it and shall depart in a few hours.

I will close by assuring you that I have the most unlimited confidence in the patrotism liberality and Justice of the Govt and I rely with full confidence upon the people of Tejas to sustain firmly all the authorities both federal and State and to obey the laws strictly.

By so doing they will procure a State Govt and keep away large and unnecessary military Garrisons and obtain everything that a reasonable people ought to expect or a just and liberal Govt ought to grant.

I recommend that the people of Tejas should be mild calm and firm in favour of making a state of Tejas by legal and constitutional means and by no other.

To the Aymt of Nacogdoches.

S. F. Austin

A true copy of the original. Nacogdoches 10 July 1833

Adolfo Stern [Rubric]