Stephen F Austin to Oliver Jones, F. Johnson, J. B. Miller, L. Lessassier, W. H. Jack, S.M. Williams, 05-31-1833

Summary: Advising support of George Fisher as customs collector.

Matamoros May 31. 1833

San Felipe de Austin

Messrs Oliver Jones.

F. Johnson

J. B. Miller,

L. Lessassier

W. H. Jack

S.M. Williams

Gentlemen: This will be handed to you by Mr. Geo: fisher who returns as Collector of Galveston, and I particularly recommend that all former excitements relative to any transactions in which Mr Fisher may have been concerned, should be totally forgotten, and that he be sustained firmly in the discharge of his duties, as I have recommended in my letter to the Ayuntamiento.

S. F. Austin.