Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 05-31-1833

Summary: Warning against speculation. Robertson colony.

[From Williams Papers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex.]

The draft on Hebenstreit from Reynolds was neither accepted nor protested. Hebenstreit was absent and I left the draft with Mr Toler, with directions to collect it, or if it was protested to send it to you.

I wish all things to harmonise with Fisher when he arrives—he will now be usefull to Texas, and all the past ought to be forgotten, be particular as to this point.

Don't forget the strange order, that Arcia. [Arciniega] recd, about the records—keep an [eye] to all that.

You are engaging in one business [before the?] other is finished and may spoil [everything?] rush the records of the office . . . the testimonios and surveys etc then give it up in toto and go to the merchants occupation, but finish first and keep clear of land jobing. I am of opinion that the upper colony will totally ruin me? in fact I have but little doubt of it, for such men and [as] Bowie etc will lead you and John too far into speculations B F. Smiths cursed foolish trip has done great harm and I am sorry he ever came to Texas—keep clear of all speculations for the future, they are a curse to any country and will be a very sore curse to me individually. I believe they will ruin me if they have not already done it—cursed be the hour I ever thought of applying for that upper colony.

Matamoros, may 31, 1833

S. F. Austin

If the wind permits I shall sail tomorrow in the comet for vera cruz.

N. B. I have unlimited con[fidence in] Felisola—he is a good and . . . man and can be fully re[lied on].

S. F. Austin.