Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 07-30-1833

Summary: Hopes for success, but favors organization as a State without consent of Congress if consent is refused. Rumors of cholera in Texas.

Mexico July 30. 1833

Dr Brother,

I refer you to my letter to the committee for news as to my mission, and will only state I have very strong and well founded hopes of complete success—I believe that Texas will be a state in a short time with the approbation of the Govt. But if our application is refused I shall be in favor of organising without it I see no other way of saving that country from total anarchy and ruin—I am totally done with concilliatory measures, and for the future shall be uncompromising as [to] Texas matters.

Why do you not write me? I expected to hare recd, letters here— none from anyone—-! am uneasy very much so indeed—I heard a bad account about overflow and cholera but hope it is incorrect— I had a wretched trip. One month from Matamoros to Vera Cruz in a little schooner—ten days on short allowance of water—none but salt provisions—and sea sick all the time. But I am well now. Padre Muldoon sends his respects to every one—he does all he can for Texas

Love to the children and Sister and your neighbors.


[Addressed:] Al sor Don James F. Perry San Felipe de Austin Texas