Stephen F Austin to John Austin, 08-06-1833

Summary: Thinks State organization will be granted Texas. Must be a State either of Mexico or of the United States. Cholera epidemic.

[From Williams Papers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex.]

Mexico Augt. 6. 1833

Dr John,

I recd yours of 24 June by last mail—hope to get another letter soon—this is the only one I have recd since I left. Has Williams returned—or is there no one there who remembers me so far as to drop me a line to say that the few ties that are left to bind me to life are still alive you say they have been sick (my sister and family) but you say nothing of Stephen or anyone else.

I think the decision of Congress will be in favor of a State, but I fear they will send it to the other States for their approbation, this will cause some delay, tho my friends here think it will be dispatched by the first of January.

I have had a hard trip so far and have more difficulties to work through here than you can well form an idea of—but I hope to get along and that Texas will be a State of this, or the U. S. republic before another year, for I am so weary, that life is hardly worth having situated as we now are.

The vice President and ministers profess great friendship for Texas and say that their measures will be very different from the last administration. I think they are sincere—but time will show. There are conflicting interests—or what are supposed to be so by some persons, that I fear will do harm—one article in the constitution which in reality means next thing to nothing I fear will do some harm.

Send word to Emily that I am well.

The cholora is at hand and very fatal. So I bid you farewell in case this should be the last.

S. F. A.

To John Austin

[Address:] Al Sor Don Samuel M. Williams San Felipe de Austin