Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 09-05-1833

Summary: Various reforms will be made in Texas. Instructions for locating land.

[From Williams Papers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex.]

Mexico September 5. 1833

Dr Sir,

I am in better spirits as to the result of our Texas matters, than I have been in since my arrival—a material change has been effected in the minds of several leading men on that subject and I now think that there will be no material opposition to the repeal of the 11 article of the 6th april law. The duties I think will be suspended in toto for one year at least and perhaps longer, or if this is not done, there will be an important modification. I shall also succeed fully in the alterations of the mails which I have proposed and the 11 article of the april law will be repealed.

I have confidence in the result which I now anticipate, because this matter has been the subject of much and very mature deliberation, and the conclusions which I think the govt, and leading men in congress have come to, are therefore not hastily formed and may be relyed upon with the more confidence for that reason. Upon the whole I am of opinion that my trip to Mexico in 1833, will do as much, and perhaps more good for Texas, than my trip in 1822 did—the latter laid a foundation to build upon, the former [will] raise the superstructure by removing the obstacles that have impeded its progress, and Texas will then become a State of this republic, in harmony with the constitution and with the other states. But should the invaders succeed the aspect will be changed. Texas has not much to expect from the army or the church. I have unlimited confidence in the vice President Gomez Farias, and I think that Texas will have cause to remember him with gratitude. Nothing is now wanting but a meeting of congress to dispatch all favorably. These matters were not sufficiently matured and understood, for congress to act safely on them untill within a week past, so that upon the whole, the cholera has done no harm in preventing the meeting of congress. There is nothing like patience and perseverance.

The representations from Gonzalez and Trinity published at Monclova against the state, have had a good effect. I used them to show that the people were disposed to submit to Govt, and did not wish to drive, or force measures, because they had confidence— that Govt, would do what was right and just etc. I was told that this confidence was not misplaced etc. remember that October is the limit for locating grants—don't neglect that business. Don Victor is very uneasy about his business—-don't neglect it—he is now a warm friend to Texas—-don't forget Padill[a's] [gra]nt—also H. Austins one league.

I suppose that I am tota[lly] forgotten in Texas. I have only recd, one letter from there since I started—that was from John dated 24 June.

There are still some cases of cholera tho. not many—my health is good—write to Perry and Phillips the contents of this and remember me to all persons, for I wish well to everybody in Texas.

S. F. A.

I refer you to my letter to the Ayuntamiento.