Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 09-11-1833

Summary: Report on prospects for Texas. Cholera in Mexico.

Mexico Sept. 11 1833

Dr Brother

I have nothing particular to say, more than what I informed you of by last mail. The cholera has abated, but there is not yet a majority of members in this city so that there will be no meeting of Congress for a week or ten days yet.

I think I shall succeed in getting the 11 article of 6 april law repealed—the establishment of weekly mails from Monclova to Sabine, from Matamoras to Goliad and from San Felipe to Brazoria and Liberty

The duties on Importations will be reduced and probably suspended, for a time in to to, tho the latter is not yet certain.

The State question must take its course as prescribed in the constitution and be sent to the other States.

The revolution is not over and God knows when it will be. I have great confidence in the vice president Gomez Farias, If the heroes of the + [cross] get the upper hand it is difficult to say what they will do as to Texas matters and it is very probable there will be a breaking up of the Govt. But there is no prospect that they will succeed at present.

In October the time expires for locating grants. See that Williams attends to all that business and also to Padillas—dont neglect this. Also try and collect something on the notes due me. I shall spend about 2000 Dollars or probably 2,500 on this trip and as I am laboring for the common good no honest man will refuse to pay what he justly owes me.

Were it not for you and Emily and the Old Settlers I doubt whether I Should not remain here for a year or two—that is unless the revolution continues, for then no one will be safe here.

I have recd, one letter from Texas since I left there, from John dated in June—I have written every mail since I arrived here, I hope the family are all well at Chocolate Bayou. I have more confidence of health there than at peach point I do not know whether Williams has returned—or not—he was to have left Mobile about the middle of July as he wrote me from there. Tell John to keep clear of land speculators. I had rather herd with devils than with that class of mankind.

I am unhappy that I do not hear from you—how are the children— what kind of a crop—how is Stephen (my brothers boy) and your neighbors and a thousand things,

My health is good at this time

farewell S. F. A

There were 43000 sick here at one time The deaths I believe have been about 18000. I have never witnessed such a horrible scene of distress and death. The common people in a part of the state of Puebla got an idea that the water was poisoned by the foreigners and they massacred seven frenchmen in one village—all the foreigners in that place. Remember me to H Austin and Phillips and his wife and to your neighbors—tell Henry that he must not neglect to locate his other League of land before the time expires.

I cannot tell when I shall get home I intend to persevere to the end and effect what I came for if I can regardless of time or expense.

S. F. A..