Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 10-02-1833

Summary: Distress over losses from cholera in Texas. Despondent over disorders and revolutions in Mexico.

Mexico October 2 1833

Dr Brother,

I am so much afflicted by accounts of the deaths by cholera in Texas that I can scarcely write anything. I have heard of John Austin, his wife and child and of my [dear?] sister's daughter Mary. . . . Cap. Martin. Good God what a blow. And whether it has taken you all off is uncertain. I am too wretched to write much on this subject or any other.

I left with Williams a great number of deeds signed by me so that he might furnish all the titles of the . . . colony. Take possession of them and of all my papers. Should these blanks fall into bad hands they will make any use of them they please.

I will try and get home as soon as I can. There has been no meeting of Congress since early in August until a few days since, so that nothing is done. I shall wait but a short time longer. I am tired of this government. They are always in revolution and I believe always will be. I have had much more respect for them than they deserve. But I am done with all that. You do not write to me [no one] writes to me. farewell

S. F. Austin

[Addressed:] Al Sor J. F. Perry del Comercio San Felipe de Austin