Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 11-26-1833

Summary: Preparing to return to Texas. Reforms obtained. Political conditions.

[From Williams Fapers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex,]

Mexico Novr. 26 1833

Dr Sir.

The law repealing the 11 article of the law of 6 april 1830, was passed by both houses, as I informed you in former letters, but, unfortunately it was not sent to the executive untill the day of Santanas entrance into this city from Guanajuato. Gomez Farias went out that day and the hero went into the presidential chair—he retained the law 9 days and returned it on the 10th to congress requesting that its operation should be suspended for six months. This was unanimously agreed to by both houses, and the law was finally published on the 21 instant so that the repeal does not take effect untill the 21st May next.

I think it doubtfull whether my letters reach Texas, I will therefore merely say that I leave in about ten days for home by land— perhaps I shall go on with Genl Pedro Lemus who is appointed Comnt Genl in place of Felisola. Mejia has the command in chief in the South where the civil war [is] Still raging tho I think that Mejia will soon terminate it. he is in the direction of Acapulco. and Genl Victoria is in Oaxaca.

Texas matters are all right, nothing is wanted there but quiet. No troops go with Genl LemusSantana hung up the State question and wished to have Texas made a territory, and I believe that I have been the means of preventing it and that question is also hung up. This has made me a goodly number of enemies here who wished for a Territorynada importa—nil will go right. Close up all pending matters. It is now very important to harmonise with Bexar. Keep this in view. I shall be at home soon.

[Stephen F. Austin.]

[Addressed:] Don Samuel M Williams San Felipe de Austin Texas.