Stephen F Austin to George Fisher, 01-15-1834

Summary: Announcing arrest. Policy in Texan affairs.

Monterey 15 January 1834

Mr. Geo: Fisher


Dr Sir. The affairs of Texas, which have given me labor and vexation enough for 13 years past, are likely, as it seems to keep me in difficulties for some time to come. The fact is, that during the last year of general convulsions, it has been almost impossible for any one, who occupies any space in Society, to Keep clear of extanglements of some kind. I have been arrested by an Order from the Minister of War, on an accusation made by the State Government, and I leave to morrow, I presume for Mexico.

All I can be accused of is that I have labored diligently and faithfully and with pure intentions to cover the wilderness of Texas with an agricultural and usefull population and to make it a State of the Mexican Republic, separate from Coahuila. This is no crime,—it is quite the reverse.

I have sent some claims in that Comisaria, to D. W. Smith, to collect, and as you are the Comisario I recommend them for pronto despacho.

I am much pleased with the new Comandante General, Don Pedro Lemus, and I recommend him as a man of high honor and liberal principles and a Gentleman.

The letters I wrote to Texas from Matamoros in your favor caused a great excitement there, in many, against me—if you go there you must be very prudent and accommodating as to Custom House matters,—the best way is to let the Custom House alone for a year more, and then go there,—or before as an Individual and remove old impressions. I am getting tired of the whole matter of Colonizing—all work and trouble and no profit or credit, for many of them, that are benefitted by me, abuse me. The Basis of the policy which the State of Tamaulipas ought to adopt should be—the Country needs population, and all their laws should tend to encourage immigration to that State, from the interior and foreign countries, especially the latter.

I received one letter from you in Mexico.

S. F. Austin.

A true copy of the original in my possession, which I certify

Geo. Fisher.