Stephen F Austin to George Fisher, 10-15-1834

Summary: Thanking Fisher for favors and asking him to report to Perry arrival of Grayson and Jack with memorials in his behalf.

Mexico, October 15, 1834.

Mr. Geo. Fisher

Dr. Sir, I sincerely congratulate you on the appointment you have recd in the custom house of Matamoros, and hope you may long continue to enjoy prosperity and peace,

The experience of the last few years has taught me a great deal—I have learned more of mankind, and of the human passions than I was ever willing to believe before— My frankness and open, candid, good faith has involved me in many difficulties—and my confidence in Others has entangled me very much, but all this will be useful to me for the future—that is if I ever get out of this prison, which I hope to do soon—

Two of my friends arrived today from Texas, with representations in my favor from the Ayuntamtos of Texas and Govt of the State of Coahuila and Texas, wrhich I think will have a favourable effect.

On the 6th of this month I wrote to my friends in Texas on the subject of representing, but as the above representations have arrived, it will not now be necessary for them to do so, and I must request the favor of you to write to my brother in law James F Perry care of M. A. Bryan San Felipe informing him that the representations sent by Mr. Grayson have been recd and that he need not procure any more, as I requested him to do in my letter to him date 6th of last month— I presume you will receive this letter before Capt. Offutt leaves Matamoros, and you can write by him— It will be best to send this letter to Mr. Perry— I wish it also for another reason which is this—I have long since informed my in Texas, that I am satisfied with you, and was your friend— By sending this letter they will have an additional evidence of the terms of friendship on which we stand, I will take this occasion to thank you, for the letters and statements you have written to this city in my favor-— The only time to try friendship is when a man is in misfortune and persecuted by a host of powerful enemies as I am— You have interested yourself for me even at the risk of injuring yourself— I wish my family to know this—they, will not forget it— For these reasons I wish you to send this letter to my brother in law James F. Perry

I am in better spirits, and my prospects are much better than they were when Capt. Offutt left and I hope that a few months will release me from my long and dreary imprisonment.

My motto has always been fidelity to Mexico— I have never deviated from it—but I have been greatly entangled by others, and by circumstances that I could not controul— I have suffered much, but a clear and quiet conscience has enabled me to bear it with fortitude, There is nothing new except what you will see in the public papers—that is nothing that I know of—all is peace and Federacion seems to be the Order of the day— Some however think that January and February will be stormy months— Congress have certainly a very difficult and delicate task before them— God give them wisdom and prudence to regulate matters so as to insure peace and prosperity to this republic.

S F Austin

A true copy of its original which we certify Matamoras 17th November 1834.

Jorge Fisher [Rubric]

John Shegog [Rubric]

Charles Wilcox