Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 11-06-1834

Summary: Business instructions. Irresponsible publications from Texas injure him. Wishes harmony in Texas

Mexico Novr- 6. 1834

Dr Brother

I owed John Austin, there was an unsettled a/c between us as well as I recollect I gave him several notes for which he gave me a receipt which is in my desk at Williams. I anticipate no kind of difficulty in settling with William Austin as I have no doubt John kept all our accounts correctly.

It was understood that Westall's note was not to be passed away to any one, and that it should not be pressed untill the old man was able to pay it, but this was a verbal understanding. I have been very careless about all my private business and monied matters I wish them all settled. Williams understands them better than anyone, and I believe better than I do myself, speak to him about John's account.

Try and get some money out of the lots at the mouth of the river—tho do not sacrifice them for in a short time they ought to be worth something handsome. I have two labors at the high ground back of the mouth of the river near a lake—the place is called the Mound—do not sell them yet— it is the highest land in that neighborhood. See whether Williams has finished all the titles for my premium land and the three tracts I got of Aguirre. John Austin owed me for some money I paid to Don Fernando— somebody, I forget his name. He is the son-in-law of old Ignacio Feres in Bexar. It was for a league of land—Williams knows about it. Emily must not be hasty in taking up prejudices against Williams, he has his fits and starts and faults but I do not believe he is unfaithful to me. I have done too much for him. If Wharton wishes to be friendly and makes any motions towards a visiting state of matters between the families, meet it kindly and let there be harmony but make no undue advances—tho I need not say that to Emily for she courts no one, and wishes for harmony with all. Mrs. Wharton is an amiable and talented woman.

A few fools do great harm to that country a silly letter from Matagorda written I suppose by some one who only wants ears to be a jackass, and a piece signed Pedralto have done great harm very great indeed—such men deserve severe treatment from the honest part of the community whose interest they are trifling with.

You can show my other letters to Bell, Martin, Miller W. H. Jack etc. I suppose that Williams and McKinney have gone to Monclova and for this reason I do not write to them If they have not gone tell them the reason I have not written to them

God bless you all. I have no doubt I shall soon be at liberty Burn all my letters date 6 of last month and let no one see them.

S. F. Austin [Rubric]