Stephen F. Austin to Samuel M. Williams, 02-14-1835

Summary: Promoting a road to Chihuahua through Texas. His Exposition has corrected false impressions concerning Texas. Robertson Colony. Opposition to territorial government for Texas made him enemies

[From Williams Papers, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Texas.]

Mexico Feb. 14. 1835

S. M. Williams

My good friend,

I confidently hoped to have met you at Monclova by the 1 of March, but I find that I cannot— I think I shall be able to leave here in about 15 days, tho I cannot say to a certainty— I have some idea of employing this interval in trying to get some aid of the Genl Govt towards opening a road from Texas to the Paso del norte, or in a direct line (or as nearly so as the country will admit) to Chihuahua I speak of this interprise in my exposicion copies of which I have sent to Monclova and by this mail I send you one, I sent one to you two days ago directed to Austin— It has been very well received here, and has satisfied every reasonable man— I believe that Texas has more friends in the Govt and in Mexico now, than it ever had before. I can say the same as to myself—

I cannot believe that such men as Robertson and Chambers can have any influence at Monclova and I confidently expect that the evil they have done will be remedied— There was [never] a more outrageous injustice done to anyone than that committed by Vidauri in renewing the contract for the upper colony in direct violation of our rights— you must attend to that business— I will be there as soon as I can to aid in putting things to rights once more.

I have reason to believe that Mason and Mexia tryed to do me all the injury they could and to perpetuate my imprisonment as long as they could— they never forgave me for opposing their schemes to make a territory of Texas and their monopolies of land etc and I shall be well satisfied if they will remain my enemies for the balance of their lives— Tony and them are birds of the same feather—

An effort was made in Jany- to make a territory of Texas, but it failed— another effort was about to be made when my esposicion came out, which has also died away.

The last clause of my esposicion was intended to kill this project, and it has had the effect. A proposicion was made sometime since to renew the 11 article of the law of 6 april which I am told will die en commission—so that upon the whole my personal sufferings will result to the advantage of Texas, by removing prejudices and leading to inquiries that have satisfied everyone— This is some consolation at least— It is in fact a full reward for all my trouble and persecution.

My constituents at home ought to be satisfied with me— I have done my duty towards them, regardless of my own personal interests or safety— I have paid my own expenses and they have been very great indeed.

The Chihuahua road is a great hobby with me— I intend to persevere untill it is completed, and then I am done with empresas— I have written to Chihuahua on the subject and think the whole influence of that state can be inlisted in this great enterprise—it is the last and only object of my ambition—

Cotton will be in great demand here next year, it is so now—

I saw an ascension by Mr. Robertson on the 12 instant—he descended 14 leagues South of this beyond the mountain [s] that surround the valley of Mexico— he returned to day all well you will see it in papersGrayson left last week for New Orleans via Vera Cruz— I am going to the Theatre so adios

S. F. A.

I am told Aguirrie has sold those claims a second time and perhaps a dozen times see to it before it is too late—

Write home that I am well— I am waiting for the Amnesty law, for I am still on bail—

[Addressed:] (Coahuila y Texas) Al sor D. Samuel M. Williams Monclova