Stephen F. Austin to James F. Perry, 03-28-1835

Summary: Instructing him not to sell certain lands

Mexico March 28, 1835

Dr Brother.

I cannot as yet inform you when I can leave here. I am still a prisoner on bail. I am told that I shall probably be at liberty soon, but as it depends on the am[n]esty law which has been returned to congress by the executive, I can make no certain calculations.

You must not on any account or for any price sell the two leagues of land I have on the east side of Labaca and Navidad at the junction of those two streams—it is all the land I have there—as I shall dispose of it myself. be particular and comply with this direction. Also you must not sell the next league below San Felipe on the west of the Brazos nor the league on the west fork of the Bernard next above Alexr Jackson's on a side league as I wrote you long ago—be particular as to these instructions. I prefer that you sell none of my land untill I get home if you can get along without as I may make some arrangement myself that would be interfered with by any sales you may make. All is peace and tranquility in this part of the country and I believe every where

Love to Sister and all friends your brother

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

Let McKinney and Williams have what lots they need at the mouth of the Brazos river.

S. F. Austin

[Addressed:] Estado de Coahuila y Tejas D Jayme F. Perry San Felepe de Austin