Stephen F. Austin to Samuel M. Williams, 04-04-1835

Summary: Is offered contract to deliver 300,000 pounds of cotton at Vera Cruz during next two years at twenty cents a pound. Fees in first colony

[From the Williams Papers. Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Texas.]

Mexico April 4. 1835

Dr friend.

I drop you a line to say that I am offered a contract for twelve thousand arrobas of cotton delivered at Vera Cruz, this, and next year, say half each year, at five dollars arroba— Security is offered and required for the fulfilment of the contract—money to be paid on delivery of cotton— I think it a good offer—what do you think of it— I should like to make something to refund my losses and expenses the last two years if I could do so—

I hope that I shall be able to leave the last of this month, write to me by return of post to the care, or under cover to W. W. West with whom I am living, calle Vergara No. 3, postage paid

I will defer closing the cotton contract to the last so as to hear from you on the subject— Should I leave sooner than I expect Mr. West will take out your letters to me— It may be that I shall start by the middle of the month—

The Govt. are very friendly to me, and to Texas, and if things are conducted with calmness by the legislature at Monclova, all will go right— There is no danger of a change in the system of Govt The federation is in no danger— attend to the pretended claim for fees in my first colony— it is unjust and contrary to law, for that colony was not under the law of 1825, nor was it contracted with the State Govt.

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Coahuila D. Samuel M. Williams Monclova.