Henry Austin to James F. Perry, 06-24-1835

Summary: Effort being made to involve us in immediate revolution

Columbia 24 June 1835

Mr J F Perry

An attempt has been made here to day to involve us in an immediate Revolution, by sending troops forthwith in obedience to a call by the chief of Police to fight the federal force a report and resolution were produced Cut and dried in Caucus last night, Compromiting us at once— I moved as an amendment— That the further consideration of the subject matter before the meeting should be postponed until the great body of the people of this Municipality could be convened to express their sentiments as to the expediency of a measure involving the Security of the rights and property and the safety and lives of the families of the people this was not admitted by the agitators as an amendment, when it was determined to put the Report and Resolutions to Vote first and then take the Vote upon my motion, on division 2/3 were against their report— They then without taking a vote upon my motion, so modified their resolutions as to effect the same purpose which being agreed to They appointed a commitee to draft a report and resolution to be proposed to the meeting on SundayArcher Wharton Jack and Henry Smith.

It was proposed to add me and R. Williams I declined to aid in forestaling the sentiments of the people. Thinking the meeting on Sunday ought to be left free to appoint their own committee and the people will reject their report on that ground if it be put to them

You and Pleasant McNeel must be here all the McNeels Grey, Crosby—, every one who can give a vote, for the cast is to be made which will lose or win all our hopes in Texas The court is adjourned until Monday I am still quite unwell with the cold I took below— 12 oclock is the hour— best remembrances to Emily cordially and truly your friend

H Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Mr Jas F Perry Peach Point