Stephen F Austin to Unknown, 09-13-1835

Summary: Resolutions on state of the country, endorsing consultation, and appointing committee of safety

meeting at san felipe

In pursuance of previous public notice, a large and highly respectable meeting of the citizens of the Jurisdiction of Austin, convened at Johnson & Winburn's Tavern, in San Felipe, on the 12th inst., when Col. Stephen F. Austin was elected Chairman, and Patrick C. Jack appointed Secretary. The Chairman then explained the object of the meeting, and read several official communications from Col. Domingo de Ugartechea, and from Col. Martin Perfecto de Cos. He then at large expressed his views of the Political state of the Republic of Mexico, of the present situation of Texas, and of the course which its citizens should pursue under the pressing immergencies of the times, and concluded by earnestly urging the absolute necessity of a Consultation of all Texas, by means of delegates elected by the people.

After which Capt. Randal Jones introduced the following resolutions, which upon motion of Capt. Wyly Martin, were read separately, and upon being submitted to the meeting, were unanimously adopted.

Resolved, 1st- That we will support the constitution of the Mexican Republic of 1824, to which we have solemnly obligated ourselves.

Resolved, 2nd- That we recommend a consultation chosen by the people.

Resolved, 3rd- That we recommend each Jurisdiction to elect five members to meet in San Felipe on the 15th of October next.

Resolved, 4th- That a committee of vigilance and safety for the Jurisdiction of Austin, be appointed to order and superintend the election for delegates of this Jurisdiction, and to correspond with the committees of the other Jurisdictions.

Resolved, 5th- That the Ayuntamiento of Austin be requested to correspond with those parts of Texas which may have addressed it on the subject of a consultation of Texas.

In pursuance of the 4th resolution the meeting then proceeded to the election of members of the committee of Vigilance and Safety. Whereupon Capt. Wiley Martin, Colonel William Pettus, Gail Borden, Jr., John H. Money, Randal Jones and Stephen F. Austin were unanimously elected.

Resolved, that the proceedings of this meeting be sent to the press at Brazoria, for publication, and to the other Jurisdictions of Texas.

On motion, W. B. Travis, Esq. it was

Resolved, That the thanks of this meeting be voted to the Chairman and and Secretary.

And then the meeting adjourned.

S. F. Austin, Chairman.

Patrick C: Jack, Sect

Committee Room, San Felipe, Sept. 13th 1835.

The undersigned, a Committee of correspondence and vigilance, appointed by a very large and general Meeting of the citizens of the Jurisdiction of Austin, convened at this place on the 12th ins., have the honor to transmit to you, in pursuance of the duties assigned them, a copy of the resolutions adopted by said meeting, in order that you will lay before the people of that section of the country, and solicit their co-operation.

This Committee deem it to be entirely unnecessary, to enter into a long statement of facts, to shew why a general consultation of all Texas is indispensible, for the reason that the present crisis is so evident and alarming,, that no one appears to doubt it.

This necessity seems to be so evident and pressing, that a general consultation of Texas, with full and unlimited power, to organize a local Government, under the constitution of 1824, has been advocated by many instead of a consultation. But is is considered that this is a step that cannot be safely adopted with any certainty of unanimity, by any district or Municipality.

Such a measure and the necessary rules and regulations for directing elections and apportioning the representation equally, according to the population, the place where, and the time when the Convention ought to meet, and other important details can only be determined by all Texas met in general Consultation. The measures which may be adopted by such General Consultation will carry with them the weight of being the voice of all Texas instead of the opinion of a few. They will be the result of calm discussion and of a full and mature deliberation and examination into the true situation of the country, and cannot fail to produce unanimity at home, respect and confidence abroad.

This Committee deem it to be important that the just and legal rights of the civilized Indians should be protected, but not having any certain information on this subject, they can only recommend it to your consideration.

Some diversity of opinion has existed, as to the place where the proposed consultation should meet. This place and Washington have been proposed. The meeting of yesterday, have preferred this place for the reasons that there is a printing press here. The most important public records are here, and the principal political authority of this department resides here. This question will of course be decided by the wishes of the majority, for which reason, it is important that you will communicate to this, committee, what are the wishes of the people of that section, on this point.

This committee must beg of you to communicate without delay, with the People on Red River, in Pecan Point country, and request them to send members to the proposed General Consultation. They are Texans, and their interests and rights are identified with those of all Texas.

This committee in conclusion, recommend that the delegation from each district, bring with them an exact census of the population, and return of the Militia from their districts, to lay before the General Consultation.

Very Respectfully,

Your Fellow Citizens.

Wily Martin,

Wm. Pettus,

Gale Borden, junr

John H. Money,

Randal Jones,

S. F. Austin.

To the Committee of Safety and Correspondence, of Columbia.

A true copy

Patrick C. Jack, Sect