Stephen F Austin to W D C Hall, 09-19-1835

Summary: War inevitable. Suggests raising a volunteer company

San Felipe, Sept. 19, 1835.

Dear Sir:—

War is upon us—there is now no remedy, the answer of Cos is positive that the individuals who have been demanded must be given up, and that the people must unconditionally submit to whatever the government chooses to do for them; he lays down the principle that the General Government have the right to force us to submit to any reform or amendments, or alterations that congress may make in the constitution, &c. This is impossible—we had better leave the country at once, for we shall be, under Cos' doctrine, without any rights or guarantees of any kind. I therefore think that war is inevitable; we must prepare. What do you think of raising a volunteer corps to protect the Consultation; and have it ready with out delay I think it probable Cos will attack the people on Guadalupe in a short time; they expect aid and ought to have it.

I shall send to Nacogdoches immediately.

S. F. Austin.

W. D. C. Hall.