Martin Allen to James F Perry, 09-22-1835

Summary: Suggesting a land settlement. Austin narrowly escaped death by accident

8 Mile point Sept 22nd 1835

Mr Pery

Sir I offer my best respects to you and family I congratulate you on the arrival of our worthy friend Col. Austin and hope that his arrival at this Critical Moment will be the Saving of our Country. I Saw him yesterday at home he is well, at present, but had been very near Ending his days by accident as he informed me he had sent down to town for a bottle of Brandy and he had sent to him a bottle of the tincture of corose of subliment he informed me that it puked and purged him at the most violent rate posable. He sayed one teaspoonfull more must have taken his life— but he is over it and well and will receive no further injury by it as it operated in the way it did— I had some conversation with him relative to the views I had of fixing my stock on Dickersons buyo I have been over lately to that buyo and examined your land in order to select a suitable spot for the purpose— I have chosen one if you are willing to let me have it as we have talked of that is for me to have the labore on which I would settle. You wrote me once that I must take it in one corner of one of your land. this might not suit me attall as the soil is all poor— the Colonel says he apprehends there will be no objections to my settling on any part of the land that I may select. And if you are willing to give me a labore where I have selected and will write me to that afect, I will go over and prepare cowpens and take my stock over as soon as the river gets low enough

I think Mr Perry that my preposials are not unreasonable as you have two Leagues adjoining each other I think the law require that there shall be put upon grasing lands 100 heads of horned cattle, and my stock will amount to at least 200 head will be the settling of both leagues in the Eye of the law— You will please to write to me as soon as posable as the season is fare advanced to move cattle this fall: if the river gits down in time to move them this fall. I want to do it as soon as posable. And if it dos not I will go over and make preperations for to move them in the spring I am offered choice of lands on the south side of the buyo but the want of timber is a greate objection.

You will please write by the first opportunity And Olige Your Cincere friend

Martin Allen

Mr J. Perry

[Addressed:] Mr James F. Perry Peach point politeness of Capt. Richardson