Committee of San Augustine to Committee of San Felipe, 09-22-1835

Summary: Favor convention at Washington, with seven uninstructed delegates. Advise negotiations for peace with Indians

Committee Room San Augustine

September 22 1835

We the undersigned a Committee of Vigilence and correspondence appointed at, a large and general meeting of the citizens of the municipality of San Augustine convened at this place on the 7th inst. the resolutions of which, this committee transmitted you through Maj. Wade Bynum and W. H. Wharton Esqr from the jurisdiction of Austin, have the honour of addressing you in reply to your communication, this day received by us dated, "Committee Room, San Felipe, Sept. 13, 1835

This Committee deem that the propriety of a State Consultation has already been unanimously acknowledged by the Citizens of this municipality as indispensibly necessary for their well being and safety, to meet in the Town of Washington on the 15th day of October next, whose delegates, seven in number, are to be vested with unlimited powers, to be governed entirely by circumstances that may have transpired, up to the time of the meeting of said consultation, owing to our detached local situations, and the danger of protracting time, and deeming it highly necessary, at this crisis, to act with energy and decision—

This committee deem it impolitick to limit the capasity of their delegates their interests being inseperably identified with their constituants, and in common with the balance of the citizens of the state, they knowing the wants, and agrievances of the people, having minds unbiased, with an eye single to good sound republican principles, will be willing to do what is right, and submit to nothing that is wrong, are willing to risk our all, to the mature and deliberate discussion and the final result of an unprejudiced decision of a majority of the members of said consultation in determining the course most advisable to be persued.

This Committee being well aware of the vital importance of securing the friendship of the numerious Tribes of Indians intersperced among our inhabitants, will take all necessary measures in their power for the accomplishment of that end—

This Committee are decidedly of opinion that the meeting for the proposed consultation, should be held at Washingon, that place being first designated, and generally understood, as being the place, considering the objections to its being held at Washington, more easily obviated, than the prejudices that might arise in the minds of many, on its being altered to San Felipe

This committee have ere this communicated with the people of Red River about Pecan Point country, presuming however that they will not act at all on this subject.—

This Committee will, in compliance— with your final recommendation, see that their delegates are furnished with all the statistical information, practicable to be obtained—

Respy Your fellow Citizens—

Philip A Sublett

Wm Inglish

Albert G Kellogg

Wm. Garrett [Rubric]

To W. Martin, S. F. Austin and others, committee of vigilence and safety for the jurisdiction of Austin

[Addressed:] To the Committee of Safety and Correspondence for the jurisdiction of Austin— San Felipe Texas