Stephen F Austin to A J Harris, 10-01-1835

Summary: Forwarding certain copies. Calling for formation of a central executive committee


Dear Sir

I send you the enclosed open that you may see its contents and send it by express to the Committee etc. There is no time to lose send a safe express and seal the letter and also taking Copies—Oct 1st 1835

S. F. Austin


San Felipe Oct 1st 1835

Committee of Safety of the Jurisdiction of Austin

Enclosed are copies of letters recd- by Express by way of Coles' Settlement, they speak for themselves—

The District of Washington is turning out and will march to Gonzales as fast as possible.

The urgency of the occasion renders it necessary to appeal to the patriotism of the people etc

This committee propose that one of the members of each of the Committee's of Safety be appointed to come to this place without one moments delay, and remain here as a permanent councill, such a measure is now deemed undispensably necessary—

S. F. Austin—Chairman of Committee


At Capt Moores Colorado River Sept 29 1835

To the Committee of Safety at San Felipe


The frontiers are attacked

Three hundred Mexicans will be tonight in Gonzales— The citizens in the neighborhood are mustering as fast as they can— every exertion must be made to get the people to arms— from respectable authority now present, there are besides the troops at Bexar with Coss 2000 men are on the road.—At La Bahia the enemy sent for horses, there were none, they then made the Citizens pack their baggage on their backs— Whipped the Alcalde and Ayuntamiento—: From reports I expect 200 or 250 men will be in the neighborhood of Gonzales tomorrow and will give the enemy a specimen of their skill in rifle shooting

Thos. S Saul

Member of Committee of Washington

[Copy of Saul to Hoxey, September 29, omitted. See above.]

I do certify that the above Coppies of Communication rec'd from S F Austin and now in this Office are true and correct

G. W. Poe

Copy—A. J. Harris