Stephen F Austin to James Kerr and John Alley, 10-03-1835

Summary: Volunteers concentrating at Gonzales. Some still refuse to believe that Cos is in Texas. Plans for campaign

San Felipe Oct. 3. 1835

I have this moment recd your letters dated 1st instant

The communications which were taken yesterday by Mr Lightfoot, and today by Mr Perkins, will have informed you fully of the attack made on Gonzales, and that voluntiers from every part of this country have marched and are marching to that point, which is at present the general rendezvous of the army of the peopleExpresses have been sent to Trinity and to Nacogdoches, and a large force is expected from that quarter

The campaign is opened, and it must not be closed untill Bexar is taken and all the military are driven out of Texas.

A report reached here that the voluntiers from Colombia who were to rendezvous at Kerrs had been turned back, in consequence of news received by them from Matagorda—in consequence of which I dispatched an express to Colombia on receipt of the news of the attack on Gonzales— I also dispatched the same to Matagorda, and yesterday to La Baca.

Correct information, as to Cos's movements, and concert between Gonzales and La Baca is very important— It is possible that Cos may attempt a forced march to this place from Goliad, in the absence of the men at Gonzales.

It would be well to keep this idea in view and to obtain certain information, when he left Goliad, and where the Morelos Battalion have stopped— whether they went on to Bexar, or have remained at Goliad— I expect the men from Harrisburg will be on by to-morrow or next day to this place, and unless otherwise advised they will continue on to Gonzales

I regret that there are no Guns to be had in this quarter for the supply of Capt. Aliens company. There is public powder at Matagorda which you can get by applying for in my name to the committee of that place, as they informed me they would hold it subject to my order.

I shall dispatch expresses with the information contained in your letters, to every part of the upper and eastern country. I presume you have of course informed them in Matagorda and Bay Prairie from which it will go to Colombia.

There are some who will not yet believe that Genl. Cos has come on— send all the positive information you can on this subject in a letter signed by James Kerr, John Alley, George Sutherland, or some others who are well known, in order that it may be printed with the signatures— The printing press will be ready to print in this place to-morrow—you can therefore send me what you wish to have published—

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

To James Kerr and John Alley