Stephen F Austin to Committees of Nacogdoches and San Augustine, 10-04-1835

Summary: Suggesting that muskets and volunteers be obtained in the United States. Object to drive Mexicans from Texas

Committee room of the Committee of safety of the jurisdiction of Austin

San Felipe de Austin Oct. 4, 1835

War is declared against military despotism— Public opinion has proclaimed it with one united voice— The campaign has opened. The military at Bexar have advanced upon Gonzales. General Cos has arrived and threatens to overrun the country.

But one spirit, one common purpose, animates every one in this department, which is to take Bexar, and drive all the military out of Texas, before the campaign closes.

There are about three hundred volunteers at Gonzales at this time, and will be upwards of five hundred in a few days.

It is confidently believed in this quarter that the people of the department of Nacogdoches will turn out and join the army of the people now in the field and facing the enemy.

Arms and ammunition are needed; we have more men than guns. Could not some muskets be procured from the other side of the Sabine? This committee will contribute, and is responsible that the people here will do the same, to pay a full proportion of the expense. This is all important— a few wagon loads of muskets and fixed ammunition would be of the utmost service at this time. Could not volunteers also be had from the United States? Our cause is one that merits the moral and physical aid of a free and magnanimous people, and those who now step forward, may confidently expect that Texas will reward their services.

That distinguishd and virtuous patriot Don Lorenzo de Zavala formerly governor of the State of Mexico, and late minister to France has just arrived from his residence on San Jacinto, and is now here at the residence of the chairman of the committee. He is a citizens of Texas, and enters fully and warmly in the cause of the people, approves very much of the position they have taken against military despotism, and of the circular of this committee of the 19th ult.

This committee relys on you to forward copies of this communication to San Augustin and the other committees in that quarter, and also to send the inclosed papers to some parties in the U. S. (circulars of this committee of the 19th ult. and 3 October and public proceedings of other committees), for publication, in order that the public may be generally informed of the present state of affairs in Texas.

An express has been sent to San Jacinto and Trinity, it would however be important for that committee to communicate with the people of Trinity and Bevils Settlement, as it inspires confidence to know that the whole country is acting in union and with one and the same spirit and one purpose— This, as I before observed, is to take Bexar, and drive the military out of Texas before the campaign closes.

S. F. Austin Chairman of Com.

To the Committee of Safety of Nacogdoches and San Augustin