Stephen F Austin to Committee of Harrisburgh, 10-04-1835

Summary: A combined effort would free Texas of military despots, and the government would be unable to send other forces to Texas

Committee Room of the Jurisdiction of Austin.

San Felipe 4 october 1835.

The inclosed printed circular will inform the people in that district of the present posture of affairs—

War is declared—public opinion has proclaimed it against Military despotism— The campaign has commenced— The Military have advanced to GonzalesGenl. Cos has arrived and threatens to overrun the country— But one spirit and one purpose animates the people of this part of the country, and that is to take Bexar, and drive the Military out of Texas.

It is now hoped that every man will maturely study this subject, and make up his mind, and act according to the dictates of his own judgement.

A combined effort of all Texas would soon free our soil of Military despots—we should then have peace, for the present Govt. of Mexico have too much to do at home to sustain themselves against the attacks of the friends of the constitution of 1824, who are now in arms in Zacatecas and other places, to send another army to Texas.

This committee hopes that you will send an express to Trinity with copies of this communication, and with the inclosed printed papers.

S. F. Austin Chairman of Com.

To the Committee of Safety of Harrisburgh