Stephen F Austin to Unknown, 10-04-1835

Summary: Austin recommends establishment of Post Office Department.

During the present interesting period in the affairs of Texas, it is very evident that facility of communication between the different sections of the country is all important; indeed it is always so, but at this time the best interest of the cause of the people clearly requires, that there should be a regular mail between this country and the United States frontier, by way of Harrisburg, Liberty and Nacogdoches, as well for the purpose of communication with the people of the latter places, as also for that of informing our friends and brethren in the United States, of the interesting events now passing in Texas—events which can not fail to enlist the moral and physical aid of the free and magnanimous of all nations.

Mail routes to Velasco, Matagorda, Washington, Bastrop, Gonzales and other places are equally important, and are also recommended to be established as soon as the funds of the department will be sufficient to defray the expenses.

Animated by these considerations of public good, the committee of Vigilence of Austin recommend.

1st. The establishment of a provisional post Office department, and that John Rice Jones, whose well known integrity and long experience as post master in the United States, eminently qualifies him for such a station, be placed at the head of it.

2nd. That a general subscription be opened and put in circulation under the superintendance of said director, to raise funds to defray the expenses of carrying weekly mails, Commencing with that to the Sabine above mentioned, and extending it to other places as soon as the resources of the department will permit.

3rd. That, in order, to insure system, and a correct administration of this important department, the director be invested with full powers to make provisional rules and regulations, and fix the rate of Postage on letters and papers, that are not on public service; and to appoint such post masters at the different places where they may be necessary. But such appointments are always to be made in conformity with the recommendation of the committee of Correspondence of said places.

4th. That it be the duty of said director to keep an exact account of all the receipts and disbursements of the department and to make all contracts for carrying the mail, and generally to superintend and direct everything connected with the department—he being liable always to render an account of his acts to the competent authority when one is established by the people of Texas. It being understood that the private subscriptions are to be refunded whenever the funds of the department will permit.

5th. That said director correspond with all the committees of safety of Texas on this subject without delay; requesting their co-operation, and transmitting to them, copies of this proceeding

Committee Room Oct 4th 1835